transliteration of mjagkij znak (Cyrillic soft sign)

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>> It’s what I was taught as the scientific romanization for Russian and Slavic in general.
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> Source?
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Look at tables 27.1 (p. 348) and 27.2 (p. 351) of Paul Cubberley’s /The 
Slavic Alphabets/ (=Peter T. Daniels and William Bright (eds.): /The 
Word’s Writing Systems/, pp. 346–355). Obviously the soft sign <ь> is 
transliterated as a prime <ʹ>, and the hard sign <ъ> as a double prime 
<ʺ>. Also note that <ћ> [gʲ] is Romanized as <ǵ> which can hardly be 
considered an apostrophe above <g>.

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