Uranian Astrology Symbols

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>> This website gives four different shapes, not counting
>> the Discordian one.
>> http://www.zanestein.com/Trans-pluto.htm#UB313
>> Chris
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> So, the question here would be: are these different shapes of the
> same symbol, or different symbols used for the same purpose.
> From the website I would think we have at least 4
> distinct symbols. Two of the shapes look like they might be
> alternate representations of the same symbol.

In addition to Eris, there is also a related issue for Pluto. The encoding of U+26E2 ⛢, separate from U+2645 ♅, for Uranus, seems to set a precedent, and there are at least 3 extra symbols for Pluto that are in use. This has been discussed before. Should these (or at least the most common one) be encoded as well?

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