Uranian Astrology Symbols

David Faulks davidj_faulks at yahoo.ca
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>> *Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B* and has the
>> category Sm, and all of the fonts I have which display it use
>> a glyph identical to the unicode code charts. The Eris
>> symbol—the one people are using—has a circle relativly
>> smaller, but I thought that that was not considered a good
>> enough reason to justify a new codepoint.
> Yes and no. For mathematical fonts, it's often important
> that different circles relate in size. How does Eris relate to
> Earth in astrological fonts? Is there a clear relation, whether
> same size or one always being smaller? Imagine what would
> happen for a font that covers both mathematical use and
> astrology?
> Would a designer be forced to choose which user
> community to  accommodate?

This is somewhat difficult to judge. I don't think astrologers would find the current glyph for U+29EC unacceptable, but the glyph typically being used has the circle smaller than Mars, Venus, and either of the two Earth symbols. Sometimes, an oval is used instead of a circle. However, some styles for astrology symbols have very large circles.
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> So, depending on the facts of how this symbol is used,
> there may well be good reasons to not equate it with the
> mathematical character - but that also means you'll need to
> understand what the latter was encoded for (which you can
> find by searching the document register).

I've found the proposals (from 2000), but many symbols there have no explained use, including U+29EC.

If the members of this mailing list think a proposal including a separate Eris symbol is acceptable, I will include it in my proposal.

Along with, perhaps, some additional symbols...


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