Comment in a leading German newspaper regarding the way UTC and Apple handle Emoji as an attack on Free Speech

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> Philippe Verdy wrote:
> - various box drawing characters used in legacy terminals (notably in
> Teletext and on older 8-bit systems): a few of them were added from
>> DOS/OEM codepages.
> I thought that set had been pretty much completed by now. I wonder which
> one are supposedly still missing.

Look at European Teletext standards. Yes they are now being outdated by
web-based services or applets running in settop boxes (running Java, or
Android) and they support now graphicvs and not just text with styling

Try also creating tables with symbols lining up correctly in a grid. This
is extremely complicate and tricky in HTML for most basic shapes (which are
unfortunately only available in various fonts using incompatible metrics):
once again we have to create table embedding multiple references to
external images (this is overlong), or create custom scripts to create a
complex HTML layout (and this does not work in word processors).
Diagrams made with monospaced shapes are really difficult to layout. Common
basic shapes (such as crossword grids) do not work as well : they were
extremely easy to write using Teletext and BBS-like technologies.
May be this should merit some extensions to CSS to offer better support for
monospaced layouts. There are works to do also for connecting lines with
arrow heads. Box drawing charactrers also do not have versions with rounded
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