The Relationship of 1-Line Character Art and Emojis

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at
Wed Aug 17 01:56:52 CDT 2016

Steven R. Loomis <srl at>:
> El 8/16/16 4:22 PM, "Unicode en nombre de Christoph Päper":
>> is there any document issued by the Unicode Consortium which acknowledges a standard set of “short names” as used in :colon_codes:? There are several more or less diverging collections:
> See Annotations under and related.

Oops, missed that part, thanks. So UTR51 does acknowledge the existence of non-emoji emoticons and short names inside a pair of colons, but (implicitly) puts their standardization outside the scope of Unicode. There is probably more diversity among them than there was among single-codepoint emojis used by Japanese telcos. Still, a file like <> *could* be produced for character sequences that map to emojis.

Btw., the Input section didn’t change in the current draft. <>

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