ZWJ sequences in UTR #51 v4

David Faulks davidj_faulks at
Fri Aug 12 11:54:25 CDT 2016

The problem with a ‘Doctor Emoji’ is that new characters need to be approved by the ISO (International Standards Organization), in a long process, which means that any new characters will not be available (officially) until Unicode 10 in June of next year.

Vendors have decided they want these gendered Emoji ASAP (see the latest news). The work-around is to treat **sequences**  of existing characters as a new Emoji, like some sort of very weird ligature. 

Unicode is scrambling to catch up to what Vendors have suddenly decided they want (although in my opinion, this could have been predicted last year).


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 Subject: ZWJ sequences in UTR #51 v4
 To: unicode at
 Received: Friday, August 12, 2016, 3:44 AM
 Some of the ZWJ
 sequences in the latest revision seem sort of arbitrary, why
 is male health worker Man + Staff of Asclepius instead of
 introducing a Doctor emoji and simply using the female of
 male modifiers? The current proposition also doesn't
 seem to allow for a gender-neutral doctor(?)

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