[UTR#51-8] 2.4 Emoji Implementation Notes

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at crissov.de
Fri Aug 12 07:09:09 CDT 2016


> … including the user of …

Should be just “use”.

> * emoji zwj sequence
>   - may have an emoji variation selector.
>   - should be displayed with an emoji presentation by default, even when an emoji zwj element is a singleton with Emoji_Presentation=No.

“zwj” should be “ZWJ” in all instances, also found elsewhere.

If I don’t misread, this seems to be saying nothing about a (hypothetical) emoji ZWJ sequence consisting of 2 or more elements with `Emoji_Presentation=No` without any VS-16. What’s the actual intention?

  1. If there’s any VS-16 or any character with `Emoji_Presentation=Yes` in a ZWJ sequence, the whole sequence SHOULD be treated as emoji(s).

  2. A ZWJ sequence  SHOULD be treated as emoji(s) if it contains only characters that either have `Emoji_Presentation=Yes` or whose glyph *can* be affected by VS-16.

Only #2 would cover a ZWJ sequence of `Emoji_Presentation=No` characters without any VS-16 stuck on them.

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