combining marks for currency characters? general combining character?

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Wed Aug 3 16:17:14 CDT 2016

Hi Kim,

While it can be argued that the "NON-DESTRUCTIVE BACKSPACE" capability of a
typewriter, allowing arbitrary overstruck characters, belongs to plain
text, it is more akin to creating subscripts and superscripts by rotating
the platen knob up or down by half-interval, which Unicode considers to be
within the domain of markup rather than plain text.


On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 12:26 PM, Kim Slawson <kimslawson at> wrote:

> It's nice to see a good selection of currency symbols defined in unicode,
> but I wonder if it might be useful to add a few combining marks for the
> purpose of constructing currency symbols.
> For example, many currency symbols use single or double horizontal lines,
> vertical lines or solidi ( |, -, /, ||, =, // ). Having these available as
> combining marks would simplify the creation of new currency symbols, as
> many are simply overstruck letters.
> Would these be good candidates for proposed combining characters?
> Alternately (and I have no clue if this has been addressed), why not allow
> arbitrary combining characters? ZWJ does not currently work for this, but
> it could be amended to, or another joining character introduced.
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