Concise term for non-ASCII Unicode characters

Sean Leonard lists+unicode at
Tue Sep 22 04:42:13 CDT 2015

On 9/22/2015 2:27 AM, Sean Leonard wrote:
> Overall, the takeaway is that specifying ISO/IEC 646 / ECMA-6 is not 
> sufficient; you need to include "IRV" as well, or ISO IR No. 6 for the 
> G0 set and ISO IR No. 6 for the C0 set.

...which the Unicode Standard does specify, by stating "IRV" explicitly 
(Section 2.8, Section 7.1). Hence, there is no Unicode problem.

[Correction: it's IR No. 1 for the C0 set.]

> In contrast, if you say ASCII (ANSI X3.4-1986), all positions are 
> fully defined.
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> Sean

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