VS: [somewhat off topic] straw poll

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 11 13:26:06 CDT 2015

UTC can act on documents submitted to it, or to input submitted to it via the contact form (http://www.unicode.org/reporting.html), but will not act in response solely to topics discussed in this list.

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Mark Davis �� <mark at macchiato dot com> wrote:

> I suggest that you create a proposal for the UTC so that it can go on 
> record; I suspect it will get a favorable reception.

I assume this was not meant for me personally. I have no authority to speak for UTC. The closest I ever got to that was when I got UTN #14 published.

I'm serious about this (unlike the beer color modifiers). This statement needs to come officially and formally from UTC, as William suggested, not from randoms like me.

Doug Ewell | http://ewellic.org | Thornton, CO ����

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