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Erkki I Kolehmainen eik at iki.fi
Fri Sep 11 10:14:04 CDT 2015

I, for one, don't see any reason to lift the moratorium on that particular worn-out topic. 


Erkki I. Kolehmainen

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Aihe: Re: [somewhat off topic] straw poll

Richard Wordingham wrote:

> So, what has become of ...

I hope that that does not start again.

It is unfair dealing.

Please look at the way that I was treated by a person or persons unknown.


I do not understand why the request for a moratorium was not made either to Unicode Inc. or to one or more of the people named on the following web page.


I do not know why the moratorium was imposed by a person or persons unknown.

I have been put back onto moderated post status as a result of the moratorium being imposed and I am still on it.

Although it is called a moratorium there was no indication of whether or how the moratorium would be removed.

I have simply had to try to make progress in other ways than by posting to the Unicode list.

I am hoping to send a document to the Unicode Technical Committee about encoding one character into Unicode so as to enable my invention to become implemented.

The moratorium prevents discussion in the mailing list prior to submission.

I am hoping that the moratorium will be removed, yet it is something that I cannot apply for as I do not know where to apply!

William Overington

11 September 2015


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