[RFC] Discussion about chances of some characters to be added in Unicode

Steven R. Loomis srl at icu-project.org
Mon Sep 7 13:18:12 CDT 2015

The power symbol was already accepted, see http://unicode.org/alloc/Pipeline.html


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> El sept 7, 2015, a las 10:49 AM, Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov <unicode at mva.name> escribió:
> Hello there!
> First of all, I'm sorry in advance, if my message's tone is not suitable for 
> that mail list.
> Next, I'd like to discuss the chances of some characters to be added in 
> Unicode at all.
> Most of all I interested about:
> 1) Full-height right and left isosceles triangles, positioned in the edges of 
> the glyph space (so, when concatinated with space symbol on the background of 
> same color of it's foreground, it looks integrally [ref: triangles_demo 
> attach, although there is font rendering artefacts anyway, but, I hope, I 
> clearly decribed the idea]).
> ref: symbols on the both edges on the attached "pwl" picture
> 2) "Forking" characher (not the math one, but VCS one).
> ref: in the middle on the attached "pwl" picture.
> 3) "Pause" (media) character (it is ones for "play/pause" and "play" in the 
> unicode already, but it not for "pause"). There is "cheats" like using two 
> vertical bars instead, usually it looks very ugly.
> 4) "Power" (like on power buttons on electronic devices)
> And, actually, imho, it also be nice to have all of symbols from the picture 
> in the Unicode.
> P.S. I'd also ask about some more symbols, which is "missed" in everyday life 
> and substituted with glyphicons on the web (but, you know, it is impossible to 
> use glyphicons in CLI/console applications ☹), like: "cart", "exit", "barcode" 
> (ideally, including also "qr" and "datamatrix" ones), and more, and more, but 
> let's initially talk about that ones I talked initially ☺
> P.P.S.: and also it would be nice, I think, to have "icons" symbols of major 
> OS brands (at least, Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD) to stop them (first two 
> ones) of using Private set for that.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> mva
> <pwl.png>
> <triangles_demo.png>
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