Technical or encoding sub mailing list ?

Marcel Schneider charupdate at
Thu Sep 3 14:30:34 CDT 2015

On Thu, 03 Sep 2015 09:41:39 -0700, Doug Ewell  wrote:
> Daniel Bünzli wrote:
> > Since I implement parts of the Unicode standard I'm interested in
> > keeping in touch with discussions about the standard and its evolution
> > from a technical point of view. 
> >
> > I'm however not interested in the encoding point of view and all the
> > discussions of whichever pet symbol or concept random people from the
> > internet want to assign an integer to. 
> >
> > With respect to these interests the amount of noise and off-topic
> > threads I get from this list is considerate and I'm considering
> > unsubscribing. 
> >
> > Before I do so I would like to ask the moderators of this mailing list
> > if they would consider creating either a more technically focused
> > mailing list for implementers or, alternatively, forking off encoding
> > discussions to a dedicated mailing list. 
> Well, that's not elitist or anything.
> Many of us are also implementers of the Unicode Standard, have been on
> the Unicode list for a long time (17 years in my case), and hardly think
> of ourselves as "random people from the internet."

I believe that Daniel targets rather people like me, who am new on the List and have (unfortunately) never been a Unicode staff member.

Nevertheless, I don't believe that anybody's subscription to this List result from a «random».

To meet Daniel's request, the «technical» threads Daniel is likely to be interested in, might be given a «(TECHNICAL)» attribute in the Subject at some point of the thread, so that it will be easy to filter them and follow back in the Archive.

I hope that helps...

Marcel («implementing» Unicode on a keyboard layout hopefully designed for a national standard)

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