Technical or encoding sub mailing list ?

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Sep 3 13:53:12 CDT 2015

Daniel Bünzli <daniel dot buenzli at erratique dot ch> wrote:

>> For 75 USD per year, or about 73 CHF, you can join the Unicode
>> Consortium as an individual member, and thereby have full access to
>> the Unicore list and other internal technical discussion lists.
> Well that sounds elitist...

FWIW, I'm not a member due to the cost.

> Joke apart, I still think that most of the time a good distinction can
> be made between the standard and the encoding process. The latter
> being a much more political procedure to which as an implementer I
> prefer to remain neutral to (and am not interested in following).

Most Internet mailing lists contain threads that may not be of interest
to every subscriber. The Delete button is your friend.

Waiting to see if Sarasvati decides to weigh in on the proposal to split
the list.

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