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Marcel Schneider wrote as follows:
> Given all the colours to be encoded as a modifier, could there be a way to encode a MULTICOLOUR EMOJI MODIFIER? It could consist of two hex digits for the code range, and three hex digits for the colour (based on the HTML three digit hex codes for colours). This would solve at once all colour requirements in a reasonable resolution (as I believe that defining emoji tones with six digits is uselessly precise).
May I refer you to the following thread please?
Tag characters and in-line graphics (from Tag characters)
The first post in the thread is as follows.
There is within that post a suggested format for specifying a custom colour for a local palette using tag characters.
That is for use within an inline-graphic yet could be adapted to applying one or more colours to the glyph of an individual character.
With the in-line graphic there would be a particular base character used for the in-line graphic.
For colourizing an individual character the character itself would be the base character.
I would prefer base 10 numbers to specify colour components, as used in many graphics programs.
192R224G64B2s means store as local palette colour 2 the colour (R=192, G=224, B=64)
For each glyph with more than one colour used within the glyph, The Unicode Standard would need to state the palette colour number for each part of the glyph.
William Overington
3 September 2015
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