Latin glottal stop in ID in NWT, Canada

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The Aleutian islands are a long way from NWT.

I don't associate Tlingit with the Aleutians, and wasn't aware of an early Cyrillic orthography.  But it's also not a language of NWT. It's spoken in areas near the coast. My sister lives in Carcross, which is a Tlingit village. This is hundreds of miles from NWT.


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> This is more plausible. The Tlingit peoples live in coastal regions,
> SW parts of Yukon Territory and Alaska. That's not what I would have
> referred to as "Northwest Territories". And it's totally not related
> to the thread, which was clearly about Northwest Territories, not
> Yukon Territory.

I think Cyrillic got into the thread by mistake.

> Can you point to information on Tlingit materials in Cyrillic script?

Google ('Tlingit Cyrillic') does a better job than me!  There's an
example linked to from the Wikipedia article 'Indication of the
Pathway into the Kingdom of Heaven'.  I presume the original spelling
has been preserved.

There's an interesting account in 'Russian Orthodox Church Of Alaska And
The Aleutian Islands And Its Relation To Native American Traditions:
An Attempt At A Multicultural Society, 1794-1912' by Viacheslav
Vsevolodovich Ivanov.  It's interesting that much of the action
happened under American rule - allegedly Orthodox Christianity did well
because it wasn't American!

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