Unicode equivalence between Word for Windows/MAC

Jukka K. Korpela jkorpela at cs.tut.fi
Wed Oct 28 13:05:53 CDT 2015

28.10.2015, 11:59, Rafael Sarabia wrote:

> I need to use a document both in Word 2007 for Windows and Word 2011 for
> Mac and I'm finding some incompatibility issues.

Before going into the details of plain text file encodings, I think it 
is important to decide whether you need to use plain text for 
information interchange. If you simply save the document in Word format 
(perhaps safest in the older format, a .doc file), I would expect 
Windows and Mac versions to play well together.

If you specifically do not want to use Word format, then why are you 
using Word in the first place, as opposite to using a Unicode-aware 
plain text editor. (This was a genuine question, not rhetoric. There are 
possible reasons for using Word even when you want plain text, e.g. the 
use of spell checking features in Word.)


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