Emoji data in UCD xml ?

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon Oct 26 13:50:59 CDT 2015

Daniel Bünzli wrote:

> If I read correctly UTR #51, the way of determining if a scalar value
> is an emoji character is to consult this data file [1]. Are there any
> plans to integrate this data in the UCD xml ? 

Apologies in advance for asking an annoying "what are your motives"
question, but:

What is your goal in classifying a character as "emoji" or "not emoji"?

According to emoji-data.txt, U+00A9 COPYRIGHT SIGN and U+00AE REGISTERED
SIGN are emoji, while U+263B BLACK SMILING FACE is not. This may be at
variance with what many people would expect.

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