Why Work at Encoding Level?

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at erratique.ch
Tue Oct 20 20:47:45 CDT 2015

Le mercredi, 21 octobre 2015 à 02:23, Mark Davis ☕️ a écrit :
> But more fundamentally, there may not be "excuses" for such software, but it happens anyway. Pretending it doesn't, makes for unhappy customers. For example, you don't want to be throwing an exception when one is encountered, when that could cause an app to fail.

It does happen at the input layer but it doesn't make any sense to bother the programmers with this once the IO boundary has been crossed and decoding errors handled.  A good Unicode string in a programming language should at least operate at the scalar value level and these notions of Unicode n-bit strings should definitively be killed (maybe it would have inspired hopeless designers of recent programming languages to actually make better choices on that topic).   



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