Non-standard 8-bit fonts still in use

Frédéric Grosshans frederic.grosshans at
Tue Oct 20 05:14:22 CDT 2015

Le 16/10/2015 02:22, Don Osborn a écrit :
> I was surprised to learn of continued reference to and presumably use 
> of 8-bit fonts modified two decades ago for the extended Latin 
> alphabets of Malian languages, and wondered if anyone has similar 
> observations in other countries. Or if there have been any recent 
> studies of adoption of Unicode fonts in the place of local 8-bit fonts 
> for extended Latin (or non-Latin) in local language computing.
A different usage where I suspect 8 bits proprietary fonts are used are 
electronic French (Grandjean) stenotypes, which use some non-unicode 
characters (like E without middle-bar). They are apparently used with 
computer software since the 1980’s (cf [pdf in French]) 
to make live subtitles. But I guess the proprietary nature of these 
characters and use by a single company (since ~1910) makes there 
encoding in Unicode unlikely.


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