Latin glottal stop in ID in NWT, Canada

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> The Toronto Star, Metro News Toronto had articles using the uppercase Ɂ U+0241 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP in the name SahaiɁa. This probably should have been the unicase ʔ U+0294 or the lowercase ɂ U+0241 LATIN SMALL LETTER GLOTTAL STOP (Chipewyan sources I found use one or the other character for the lowercase letters).

I believe itʼs not too much to insist that here is no inconsistency of usage inside a given community. Based on the lowercase glottal stop encoding proposal,[1] we know that at least with respect to glottal stop casing, Chipewyan is the language of two distinct communities which are geographically separate. In North-West Territories, Chipewyan uses the bicameral glottal stop, and in Saskatchewan, Chipewyan uses the unicameral glottal stop.

Based upon this, I suppose that the cited Chipewyan sources originate from Saskatchewan, and that they happen to contain only instances of glottal stop in lowercase positions.

By this occasion I apologize for having written about unification of usage.

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