Proposals for Arabic honorifics

Naz Gassiep naz at
Mon Oct 5 02:39:23 CDT 2015

Hi all,
We are considering writing a proposal for Arabic honorifics which are 
missing from Unicode. There are already a few in there, notably U+FDFA 
and U+FDFB.

There are two existing proposals, L2/14-147 and L2/14-152, which each 
propose additions. L2/14-147 proposes seventeen new characters and 
L2/14-152 proposes a further two.

There are a few other characters that are not included in these 
proposals, and I was considering preparing a proposal of my own. I will 
work with a team of people who are willing to contribute time to this 
work. We are considering two options:

1. Prepare an additional proposal for the characters that were missing 
from the existing spec and also from the two proposals mentioned above.
2. Prepare a collating proposal which rolls the two proposals as well as 
the others that we feel are missing into a single proposal.

Currently, we favour the second option. We would ensure that full 
descriptions, names, character properties, and detailed examples are 
provided for each character to substantiate its use in modern plain 
text. We would also suggest code points in line with the existing 
proposal L2/14-147.

We don't want to step on the toes of the original submitters, Roozbeh 
Pournader or Lateef Sagar Shaikh. We wish to be clear that we will draw 
on their existing proposals to the maximum extent possible to ensure 
that we do not submit a conflicting proposal, but a superset proposal 
that incorporates their proposals as well as the additional characters 
we have identified. We have evaluated these two, and a true superset 
proposal is possible such that no conflicts between either those two 
proposals or our own will materialize.

Are there any issues that we may face in preparing and submitting our 
Any guidance from this mailing list would be highly valued.
Many thanks,
- Naz.

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