Acquiring DIS 10646

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ISO never keeps previous versions of standards. You can look into the wg2 web site at that will give you some versions of these documents (Google or your favorite search engine will be your friend) although all that may disappear any day. If you tell me what you are looking for I can help you. Bear in mind that anything that ISO does is copyrighted. Therefore, forget about a free online version of DIS 10646 of whatever version you are looking for.
There is a reason that Unicode (all versions still visible, archive up to 2000 increasingly visible) is a much better source for references.


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As part of yet more research, I would like to get a hold of DIS 10646, aka Draft International Standard ISO/IEC 10646.1 (circa 1990 or 1991).

I understand that Draft 2 (10646.2) was accepted and therefore became ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993.

Therefore, I am looking for a copy (preferably free, preferably online) of DIS 10646. Maybe also the final one too. Does anyone know how to get it/them?

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