Some questions about Unicode's CJK Unified Ideograph

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Thanks for answers.

As of ⿰言亞 versus ⿰言亜, as I don't have much knowledge about Vietnamese and
the character is from chu han instead of chu nom, I don't really know if
there are any semantic difference between the two, but at least the one
usage of ⿰言亜 shown in the word on that dictionary page would be something
like "dumb, mute" which were not listed as part of the meaning of the
character 䛩 in wiktionary.

And for the proper name mark and book name mark, while i see the point that
it wiuld be best achieve via word processor styling or markup language, so
is it a good idea to integrating things similar to markup language into
unicode, like create a character ps that indicate start of proper name mark
and pe for end of proper name mark, then typing psPROPERNAMEpe would result
in something similar to <u>PROPERNAME</u>?

And if using the work around suggested by Andrew, yes the hair space work
but it a distance between characters a gap with width equal to an 'i'. Have
also tried characters like u+200c or u+034f which does not work. and it
seem like babelstone han is not supporting U+1AB6? and is there any
vertical edition of the two characters...
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