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So it sounds like 27a1 came first. Then 2b05 etc was added to complete the set with 27a1, except that it didn’t complete the set because nobody aligned the glyphs.  Then they added U+2B95 in a 2nd attempt to complete the set? (Why not just fix the old arrow?)

Except that nobody seems to have U+2B95 aligned either. On it looks totally different, and Mac doesn’t even have it. Is there any hope this will actually fix it? Has the unicode consortium made it clear to one and all that U+2B95 is supposed to align?

> On 29 May 2015, at 5:13 am, Andrew West <andrewcwest at> wrote:
> On 28 May 2015 at 05:48, Chris <idou747 at> wrote:
>> Unicode has the arrow dingbats in the range 2b05 with names like “LEFTWARDS BLACK ARROW"
>> conspicuously missing is the right arrow
>> But everywhere I can see that has this arrow, it looks a lot different to
>> the other arrows with a narrower body and head.
>> Whose fault is this,
> The three left/up/downwards black arrows were added at the request of
> North Korea, so I guess you can blame Kim Jong-Il for the missing
> rightwards arrow ... perhaps the North Korean army never went to the
> right.
>> and who will fix it?
> It was fixed in Unicode 7.0 last year with the addition of U+2B95
> RIGHTWARDS BLACK ARROW.  Of course, it may not be fixed for you and
> other users unless you have a font installed that supports all the
> arrows in a consistent style.
> I don't know why the character was added in 7.0, but it may have been
> prompted by the same question as yours that was asked on this list in
> 2013 <>.
> Andrew

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