Arrow dingbats

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu May 28 11:16:31 CDT 2015

Manuel Strehl <boldewyn at gmail dot com> wrote:

> Interesting! Out of curiosity: How come this was recognized in Unicode
> 7?
> Is that documented anywhere?

NamesList.txt contains this entry for the left arrow:

        x (black rightwards arrow - 27A1)
        x (rightwards black arrow - 2B95)

I don't know how U+2B95 came to be encoded in 7.0 when all of the
similar U+2B0x arrows had been in place since 4.0. Presumably, before
then, it was felt that U+27A1 was an appropriate fit, though as Chris
idou747 pointed out, not all fonts show perfect symmetry here.

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