FYI: The world?s languages, in 7 maps and charts

Jim Breen jimbreen at
Wed May 27 18:15:28 CDT 2015

 "Mark Davis" wrote:

>> Hmmm. How accurate can it be? They forgot Austria, and got Switzerland
>> wrong by almost a power of 10.

I was a little surprised to see only 15.6 Australians speak English, which led
me to wonder what the other 8 million of us speak.

I see that the ethnologue site they used quotes the 2006 Australian census
as saying the population was 15.6 million. I can't imagine where they got
that, as that census reported the population as being just under 20 million. The
2011 census recorded the population at 21.7 million. I guess if they are
prone to using inaccurate data from old sources, it explains some of
the other oddities in that map.

Jim Breen

Jim Breen
Adjunct Snr Research Fellow, Japanese Studies Centre, Monash University

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