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On 5/23/2015 5:41 AM, baskar raj wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to get a Unicode for a new symbol, designed for a 
> commonly used word, For Example lets say "and" . which can be used in 
> conjunction with numbers or letters. so is it possible to file 
> application seeking Unicode....
Generally, there is a problem with newly invented symbols (for any 
purpose). It is often impossible to predict whether they will become 
successful, get widely adopted and thus become an essential part of 
written text.

When Unicode encodes something, it is permanent. If it encodes a symbol 
that ultimately fails or quickly falls out of use, that failure is now 
permanent. That fact alone forces Unicode to be very cautious.

There are some obvious exceptions. New currency symbols are being 
invented regularly. But as soon as they are officially declared, 
practically everyone using that currency has a need to use that symbol 
in text. Such symbols are practically guaranteed to be successful in a 
way that other novel symbols are not.

Your case sounds like more of the latter; it would seem highly uncertain 
whether people will adopt your invention. As a result, Unicode would 
most likely want to encode your symbol only after it has proven itself, 
and not as a first step.

So, while it is "possible" it appears extremely unlikely in this case, 
unless there are circumstances that you have not mentioned, such as 
official government support in form of a spelling reform or something of 
that nature.


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