Tag characters and localizable sentence technology (from Tag characters)

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Fri May 22 06:01:13 CDT 2015

Tag characters and localizable sentence technology (from Tag characters)
I refer to the following documents, the first about localizable sentences and the second about, amongst other matters, applying tag characters using a new encoding format.
Starting from the idea of the markup bubble from the first document and applying the tag method and the ISO standard document method from the second document, there arises the following possibility for the future for localizable sentence technology.
A single character would be added into Unicode, the name of the character being
and then the plain text encoding of a particular localizable sentence would be defined as being expressed as the LOCALIZABLE SENTENCE BASE CHARACTER character followed by the code for the localizable sentence specified in the ISO [number] document, the code being expressed using tag characters.
Please find attached a design for the glyph for the LOCALIZABLE SENTENCE BASE CHARACTER character.
I designed the glyph by adapting and then combining the designs for localizable sentence markup bubble brackets from the first of the two documents referenced earlier in this text.
Each localizable sentence, carefully written so as to avoid in use any reliance as to meaning on any sentence previously used in the same document, would have a meaning expressed in words and possibly also have a glyph: more commonly used localizable sentences each having a glyph yet not all other localizable sentences necessarily having a glyph, though some could have a glyph, as desired.
William Overington
22 May 2015
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