[OT] RE: Flag tags with U+1F3F3 and subtypes

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon May 18 16:55:02 CDT 2015

Philippe Verdy <verdy underscore p at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:

> If ever the country codes used in BCP47 becomes full (all pairs of
> letters used), just some time before this happens, we could see new
> prefixes added before a new range of code. It is possible to use a
> 1-letter prefix for new country/territory code extensions, but with
> some maintenance of BCP47 parsing rules (notably the letter used
> should not be reordered with other singleton prefixes)

This would be a major revision to BCP 47, it would have nothing to do
with reordering, and it would not in any case involve 1-letter prefixes,
which already have a different meaning. And the time frame we are
talking about is reminiscent of Ken's estimate of when 17 planes will no
longer be enough for Unicode.

> But I feel it will first be simpler to assign a special 2-letter code
> like "C1-" followed by a new new series of 2-letters country codes

We actually thought about this stuff over in LTRU. Really.

I'm not the least bit concerned about the DNS. Five years from now they
could be assigning TLDs consisting entirely of emoji.

This is no longer relevant to flag tags or anything else Unicode.
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