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Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Sat May 16 14:28:12 CDT 2015

2015-05-16 19:07 GMT+02:00 Doug Ewell <doug at ewellic.org>:

> L2/15-145R says:
>  On some platforms that support a number of emoji flags, there is
>> substantial demand to support additional flags for the following:
>> [...]
>> Certain supra-national regions, such as Europe (European Union flag)
>> or the world (e.g. United Nations flag). These can be represented
>> using UN M49 3-digit codes, for example "150" for Europe or "001" for
>> World.
> These are uncomfortable equivalence classes. Not all countries in Europe
> are members of the European Union

But the flag of the European in fact belongs to the Council of Europe that
created it 30 years before the European Community adopted it. According to
the Coucil of Europe, the flag is appropriate for ALL countries in Europe.

In summary the flag does represents *not only* the EU. It is suitable as
well for Russia, Belarussia (even if its seat is suspended in the Coucil of
Europe), or Kazakhstan and Turkey (even if only a part of these countries
is in Europe).

> and the concept of "United Nations" is not really the same by definition
> as "all countries in the world."

Yes but the UN recognizes a set of territories (not always their
government) that covers the whole world (including Antarctica where no
government is also recognized, as well as territorial waters of these
territories, plus the international waters that the UN protects).

Not all countries also are required to become members of the UN (the Holy
See/Vatica is not a full member, but it is recognized; same remark for
Palestine). So the UN has a competence on the whole world, and all people
of the world can legally seek protection from the UN, wherever they live,
or even if they have no country to recognize them a nationality).

If you want to seek territories where the UN has no authority at all, the
nearest ones are on the Moon !
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