Re: FYI: The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts

Luis de la Orden webalorixa at
Thu May 14 08:24:57 CDT 2015

As a speaker of both Portuguese (mother tongue, native) and Spanish
(father, not native anymore) with a Catalan connection (dad was from
Barcelona and I lived there for a few months, amazing language, love it to
bits), I would say these two languages are closer to each other than
Italian to Portuguese. But never as close to consider them the same I can
assure you :).

In fact, even European Portuguese can be a bit hermetic to understand
although they understand Brazilian Portuguese better. This is all down to
the fact that they import more cultural products such as books and TV
programmes from Brazil than the other way around. European Portuguese
speakers say that the way we tonalise and inflect the language is softer
but I believe that they understand us due to exposure to the language which
in turn teaches them to decipher our pronunciation and the Brazilian
linguistic idiosyncracies.
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