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Mon May 4 12:22:16 CDT 2015

On 5/4/2015 9:42 AM, Richard Wordingham wrote:
> On Mon, 04 May 2015 08:32:46 -0700
> "Asmus Freytag (t)" <asmus-inc at> wrote:
>> On 5/4/2015 6:47 AM, Richard Wordingham wrote:
>>> I suspect the idea is to have a way of unobtrusively supplying the
>>> Bidi_Mirrored value in a character pick-list, namely the use of the
>>> words 'OPENING' and 'CLOSING' rather than 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT'.
>> Reading this discussion, I sometimes wonder whether people have ever
>> heard of character properties?
> I believe most ordinary computer users have not heard of them.  Most
> people do not knowingly have the UCD to hand, or even UnicodeData.txt.

But people writing character pickers really should mine these.
>> No way to pack all the information into the name, and even character
>> properties aren't covering all of them.
> Unfortunately, when choosing a character from a character picker, the
> most help one is likely to get is the character name.  The name is
> actually quite useful when the glyph is not as one expects or the
> distinguishing features are not readily visible.
> Sometimes, however, the names are distinctly unhelpful. Perhaps
> 'DEVANAGARI DANDA' should have a correcting alias 'DANDA' (or 'INDIAN
> DANDA'?) to reassure people that it is also the Bengali/Tamil etc.
> danda.

That's because the creator of your character picker didn't add any value.
>>> I for one don't want to have to choose a non-English
>>> locale to type right-to-left text.
>> Non-sequitur?
> No.  The clear issue raised was of knowing whether a character's glyph
> would change with the bidi context.  One solution that immediately
> comes to mind is to display the character in a pick list according to
> the user's locale. Unfortunately, that will not always work.  In these
> days of Unicode, locales are primarily useful for determining the user
> interface.

I still don't follow. If I edit text, then the mirroring happens in real 
time. If it doesn't come out as expected, I can change character (or use 

> Richard.

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