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Tue Mar 31 12:30:58 CDT 2015

Karl Williamson <public at khwilliamson dot com> wrote:

> It's a small matter to add code to reduce the UCD-specified rational
> numbers, but it's just one more complication to have to deal with
> along with the many that the UCD already presents, and if there is not
> a good reason the data for these new characters is specified contrary
> to mathematical convention, then the data should be changed instead of
> having to code around it.

UAX #44, Section 5.9.1 says:

| For all numeric properties, and for properties such as
| Unicode_Radical_Stroke which are constructed from combinations of
| numeric values, use loose matching rule UAX44-LM1 when comparing
| property values.
| UAX44-LM1. Apply numeric equivalences.
| • "01.00" is equivalent to "1".
| • "1.666667" in the UCD is a repeating fraction, and equivalent to
|   "10/6" or "5/3".

This strongly suggests that the implementation should be changed, not to
match the data, but to match the specification.

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