Principia Announcement: QMx!

Michael Norton michaelanortonster at
Sat Mar 28 10:33:38 CDT 2015

With the virtue of the Unicode mission statement, hereby it is announced a
new field of

Quantum Magnetics,

of which I am "the Father" (I need this credit for my bank account purposes
only) begat by the vectorization of James Clerk Maxwell, determinism, and
Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  All specialists and professionals in the existing
Arts, Science, Tech, and Engineering fields are welcome.

A list of hypothesized jobs (there are probably equivalents already to some
of these) to sprout from Qmx inexhaustively is as follows:

Tech Oncologist
Nurse Magneticist
Magnetic Engineer
Professor of Magnetospherics
E-magnetism Architect
Translational Magnetist
Visual Magnifier

As for character usage rates, I've looked at another web page and the
U+0020 (blank space) ratio stabilizes again at about >50% then the next
most-popular character.   For web docs as opposed traditional docs, I would
like to see the differentials next with regard to internal and external
hypertext characters.   Stefan Trost's software is helping out a great deal
with that.  Thanks (Stefan &) Tom Gewecki for that!

Phillips & Grant's 1975 & 1990 *Electromagnetism* asserts often along with
their comprehensive description of Maxwell's equations that the magnetic
field differentials resulting as a cause of motional and induced
electronics are mostly *negligible*; however it appears that the
opportunity with the growth of the web & Internet since then brings forth
the update to Newton's *Principia.  *

I've got a lot of data and writings so if anyone here is interested in
book-writing and has time to collaborate, it would be fun to put it all
together with you.

Best & cheers,


Michael A. Norton, B.A. Cinema, M.P.A.
My Cinema Home:

"All great actors are mere mathematical masters of speech and the human
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