Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode

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2015-06-27 19:26 GMT+02:00 Noah Slater <nslater at>:

> c. Image distinctiveness: the rainbow flag is visually distinct.

Not so distinct from several other former rainbow flags used in South

In fact the number of colours in the rainbow varies culturally depending on
countries, even when it is intended to refer to the LGBT communities. The
exact list of colors is not really fixed

And their number of bands varying between 6 or 7: in US, it generally has 6

But in France it frequently has 7 bands, adding fuschia/magenta after
violet, because traditionally rainbows are described and drawn in France
with 7 colors; the exact tints also vary, notably the lightness of blue and
green which may be lighter as lime and skyblue or royal blue, violet
becoming sometimes dark blue, and the last one magenta/fuschia becoming
sometimes rose, the initial red being also frequently darker than in US
where it is in fact more orange than red, and where US orange is nearly

The presence also of an cyan/aquamarine band between blue and green bands
is also common (with a reduced contrast between the yellow and green, using
a lighter shade of green), or simply the light cyan/aqua, or sky blue,
replaces the darker blue band.

In fact as long as it locally unambiguously represents a rainbow, it is
accurate (there's no legal authority defining or restricting its
definition, this is not a national emblem anywhere, except for the Jewish
community in Russia where the rainbox is a large horizontal one with thin
bands over a white flag). The dimensions/proportions are also not fixed:
flags are just scaled to fit well with other flags or symbols. In many
countries and events, the rainbow flag is displayed along with other
national or regional flags.
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