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Wed Jun 17 10:09:31 CDT 2015

I thank you Mr Suignard, Mr Constable and Mr Kolehmainen for your kind replies, and assure that my blame targeted the overhead you refer to, since Mr Pandey pointed clearly at higher level decisions, not at WG2. I'm now pretty sure that thanks to your tight relationship in ISO Workgroup, Mr Pandey will access the documents he wishes to consult in the Document Register, and will never be starved of the information he needs for his work and contributions. I'm grateful for the time you took, especially Mr Suignard and Mr Kolehmainen, to write up this information to my (and the Mail List subcribers') attention, which gives me some wholesome insight I never would have accessed through the extremely sheltered and repellent ISO website. Consistently, I am very sorry about the suspicions I uttered, notably in in the two threads I've the honor of taking part the past few days.


About my taking part in this thread, I must confess that I had paid very little attention to the threads related to ISO work; also because of my lack of interest in ISO topics. Now I understand however the reasons of why this list contains threads specifically related to ISO SC2 WG2. It was not until the second time Mr Overington mailed in this thread "in reply" (as I imagined, because of the little timelap) to my suggestions I sent him to answer his requests about input and display facilities (A new take on the English apostrophe in Unicode), that I read thoroughly his message, which on Monday, June 15, was particularly touching and appealed to my emotions. Whence I got very angry against ISO as more as I reminded my past ideas.


I won't hide I restrained from sending copies with respect to my recent little mail contact with ISO which enhanced considerably my image of the Standards Body in a whole, by extrapolation. I'm glad again to have so good news and would share you that I feel it's a pity that there is AFAIK no source where everybody could inform himself; like a website. But now I can refer to this thread if you agree, when the topic is on somewhere.


I would like to ask all persons who were affected by my e-mails, to excuse me.


Best regards,


Marcel Schneider

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