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Mon Jun 15 11:28:22 CDT 2015

Marcel Schneider <charupdate at orange dot fr> wrote:

> The US International keyboard layout indeed conforms to ISO/IEC 9995.
> AFAIK it was preexistent, and was validated for conformance by
> considering that the AltGr and Shift + AltGr shift states contain the
> secondary group.
> I did not think about it as an _implementation_ of ISO/IEC 9995.

"ISO/IEC 9995" is a multi-part standard that covers many different
aspects of keyboards. US International certainly conforms to many of the

• it has alphanumeric, numeric, and editing zones with keys which can
be referenced by "E01" notation, as per 9995-1

• it has shifting keys which are used to select levels

• the primary layout (Levels 1 and 2) conforms to 9995-2, as does
practically any Latin-script keyboard

• it has Escape and cursor keys in conformance with 9995-5

• and so on.

The Level 3 and "Level 4" (Shift+AltGr) allocations of US International
do not conform in any way to the common secondary layout of either
9995-3:2002 or 9995-3:2010. For example, there is no ohm sign on US
International in any group or level, either at D01 (2002) or D02 (2010).
Perhaps we are not talking about the same thing when we say "conforms to
ISO/IEC 9995."

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