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On Fri, Jun 12, 2015, Philippe Verdy  wrote:

> 2015-06-12 17:02 GMT+02:00 Marcel Schneider :

>>> Would it be possible to have wordprocessing software where one uses 

>> CONTROL and CONTROL+SHIFT cannot work on French keyboards where 

>> the existing ASCII apostrophe is on the numeric row where there are 
>> also ascii controls mapped matching the ASCII open brace that is itself mapped 

>> on ALTGR (or CTRL+ALT) in order to generate instead the C0 control.

> In general it is a bad idea to map any printable character or combining character or dead key with 

> the CTRL or CTRL+SHIFT modifiers associated to any position in the alphanumerica part 

> of the keyboard: this should remain reserved to map function keys or C0/C1 controls only, 

> that local applications will use to assign them application-specific application functions.

Even the Language bar uses the upper row to define shortcuts with Control, Shift+Control, Shift+Alt to switch between keyboard layouts, which are prioritized. So to test the shortcuts with Clavier+, I must first remove shortcuts in the Language bar. Then the way was free to test Mr Overingtonʼs shortcuts for curly apostrophes (I will send the result just after). When I deleted the shortcuts in Clavier+ to test your advice, I found no application shortcuts for Ctrl+4 while the keys 1, 2, 5 and 0 are usually mapped as Word shortcut with CONTROL, while the heading formatting is with ALT. But indeed among ASCII controls I found eight on the French keyboard:

//VirtualKey |ScanCd |ISO_# |Ctrl
{VK_ESCAPE /*T01 */ ,0x001b
{VK_CANCEL /*X46 */ ,0x0003
{VK_BACK /*T0E E13*/ ,0x007f
{VK_OEM_6 /*T1A D11*/ ,0x001b
{VK_OEM_1 /*T1B D12*/ ,0x001d
{VK_OEM_5 /*T2B C12*/ ,0x001c
{VK_RETURN /*T1C C13*/ ,'\n'
{VK_OEM_102 /*T56 B00*/ ,0x001c

On the alphanumerical block, there are always the same five, three among them near the Enter key. The British-American Apostrophe key is exempt of Controls too. This is probably why Mr Overington wants to use CONTROL and SHIFT+CONTROL for U+2019 and U+02BC, as custom applications shortcuts. I had once defined a universal latin layout in the MSKLC, but as there is neither Kana nor chained dead keys, I allocated some dead keys (among a total of about 25) on CONTROL positions where I supposed there wouldnʼt be any shortcuts in any application, as on ù, ^, and even high digits on the upper row. It must be at, and somebody has been very astonished because precisely this may become buggy. Even more, this is disabled! Winwordc.exe did not process these dead keys. Other applications did, as I remember. But the layout was far too hard to remind, as I filled up double diacrited at the next free positions in the alphabet. This way I could allocate 1,921 Unicode characters (by editing the KLC source in spreadsheets), but since I know and use the WDK, I wonʼt make such a layout again. Now Iʼm trying to put even more characters but with chained dead keys, for double diacrited and for easy-to-remind compose sequences. For example, you will enter U+01BF LATIN LETTER WYNN by typing simply COMPOSE, w, y, n, n, or less if not needed to disambiguate. Same for digraphs and ligatures. The test version I use is now adapted to type the letter apostrophe U+02BC (Iʼll send after to the List some news about).

Best regards,
Marcel Schneider
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