free download of ISO/IEC 10646 (was: Accessing the WG2 document register)

Andrew West andrewcwest at
Thu Jun 11 05:00:29 CDT 2015

On 11 June 2015 at 10:38, Andrew West <andrewcwest at> wrote:
> The Unicode terms of use <> are far
> more restrictive, and state that "Any person is hereby authorized,
> without fee, to view, use, reproduce, and distribute all documents and
> files solely for informational purposes in the creation of products
> supporting the Unicode Standard, subject to the Terms and Conditions
> herein."  So if you are not planning to create a product supporting
> the Unicode Standard, you are not legally allowed to view or download
> any of the files comprising the Unicode Standard !

My apologies, according to the "Unicode Consortium and Trademark Usage
Policy" <> I should
always refer to "The Unicode® Standard".  I hope that everyone on this
list will take note of this important policy in future messages.


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