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Shriramana Sharma samjnaa at
Wed Jun 10 10:09:06 CDT 2015

On 6/10/15, Anshuman Pandey <pandey at> wrote:
> withdraw all of my contributions to Unicode, and reflexively to ISO 10646. A
> list of the contributions that I withdraw is given at:
> ...
> Whoever has the task of coordinating with ISO, is that you Michel?, please
> withdraw all of my contributions.

Since a lot of currently encoded scripts owe their encoding to you, it
seems the stability policy makes it impossible for your to withdraw
*all* of your contributions.

Frankly, while you *are* making a point by raising the issue, I don't
think this is so serious a problem for you to consider such a drastic
step. The ISO hasn't claimed "ownership" of your document, as you
mention in another mail. They merely restrict public access to it.
Your document is publicly available in another (probably better
maintained, thanks to Rick) place -- so where's your worry?

I agree that the ISO should have the courtesy to accord contributors
special status, but such big organizations are often steeped in
bureaucracy, and while bureaucracies are commonly known to seem blind
to individual feelings, they are seldom outright malicious of intent,
I feel...

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