Another take on the English apostrophe in Unicode

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at
Fri Jun 5 08:51:31 CDT 2015

Markus Scherer wrote:
>> How are normal users supposed to find both U+2019 and U+02BC on their keyboards, and how are they supposed to deal with incorrect usage?
I replied:
> Would it be possible to have wordprocessing software where one uses CONTROL APOSTROPHE for U+2019 and CONTROL SHIFT APOSTROPHE for U+02BC for input and could there be a "show in colour mode" where U+2019 is displayed in cyan and U+02BC is displayed in red, while everything else is displayed in black?
I am wondering whether some existing software packages might be able to be used for the character inputting part using customized keyboard short cuts.
I realize that the cyan and red colours cannot be done at present, yet I
 have now thought of the alternative for now of being able to test what is in the text by using a special version 
of an open source font where there are distinctive glyphs one from the 
other for the two characters.
William Overington
5 June 2015
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