Emoji characters for food allergens

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Fri Jul 31 04:16:42 CDT 2015

 >> it might not be enough to avoid allergens,
        we should pay attention to the presence of palm oil because of
        the useless devastation of primates' habitats while enough
        fallow land exists in a concerned country for palm oil
        production until 2050
    > I believe that for topics like this, there are
      other lists or forums that are more appropriate.
Well, Marcel was writing in the context of reading packaging information in a thread about emoji characters for food allergens.
Now it could perhaps be said that encoding a symbol to indicate the presence of palm oil is off-topic to the thread and that a new thread spinning off from this thread would be desirable, yet still in this mailing list.
However, it could also be said that as this thread is about emoji and food ingredients and knowing what is in a particular foodstuff that, although not strictly on-topic, it is relevant to discuss encoding a symbol to indicate the presence of palm oil in this thread.
I had considered suggesting an emoji to express that a food is vegan, yet held back as it is not an allergen issue, more a lifestyle choice.
Yet a statement that a foodstuff is suitable for a vegan diet does appear on some food packaging.
Some packages also have an indication of spice strength, though I have observed that this is, within the gamut of my observations, only for things that are regarded as spicy as such, like curries, not just for a little spice in, say, the ingredients list of a soup.
For me, as a gluten-avoiding vegan who avoids spicy food, the encoding of an emoji regarding gluten, yet not one for vegan or for no spice seems an issue that could reasonably be addressed while considering emoji for food allergens.
So, I thank Marcel for raising the issue of palm oil in this thread.
William Overington
31 July 2015
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