Plain text custom fraction input

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Jul 23 11:00:46 CDT 2015

Sorry, everyone:

> On the other hand, the harmonization inside the fonts, between super-
> and subscripts and the numerators and denominators of the precomposed
> fractions they contain, could be purely esthetical without any idea of
> using superscripts as numerators, subscripts as denominators. [...]

> The fraction formatting works also when the slash is not a fraction
> slash but a common slash. [...]

What you have discovered is that under certain circumstances, with
certain fonts, you can get the visual results you want by using
characters other than those recommended in the Standard -- by using
characters simply because they "look right."

This is not plain text encoding, and it is not a matter of Unicode
failing to consider a particular usage scenario or failing to "complete"
some part of the Standard. It is about having an incomplete
understanding of the Unicode Standard.

Read, listen, learn.

Doug Ewell | | Thornton, CO ����

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