Input methods at the age of Unicode

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Thu Jul 16 11:21:59 CDT 2015

> On 16 Jul 2015, at 16:44, Marcel Schneider <charupdate at> wrote:
> On 16 Jul 2015, at 13:21, Hans Aberg <haberg-1 at> wrote:

> Knowing nothing about, I mixed up ConTeXt you referred to, and ConTEXT, and ended up downloading and istalling a new text editor. At least, this time, that is very useful to me, as ConTEXT will replace for me the use of Gedit, because ConTEXT handles correctly the Kana shift states (about a half of my keyboard layout). However, as it is new, the support of characters like U+2610 or simply precomposed letters with macron or double acute is not yet ensured. When I've some time left I'll write to them, because the project is very promising.

One needs a good UTF-8 text editor as well.

> > It is simplest to just download the whole Tex Live:
> >
> > There is special package for OS X.
> Unfortunately I've no OS X machine at home nor otherwhere, nor have I Linux at home. Where I use Ubuntu I cannot install this. I'll check if there is a Windows version, but it seems to move me from my urgent goal, so it'll be for a bit later.

The link above has an entry for that, too.

> > Though large, the main distribution lives in a single directory, so it is easy to throw away.
> Nor will I throw away this software, could I install it.

It is updated yearly, and there is usually no need to keep the old, but one can - they end up different directories.

> > There is a ConTeXt users list <>, as well as support pages <>
> I'll save, thank you.

It hard to figure out from the documentation, so it might be better to ask there.

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