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pale yellow are cells that have had a change since the first publication
(most of them for fixing names with better ones, less ambiguous, or
changing the order of names when there are synonyms, to put the most common
one at first position, or to fic minor typos when the first publication was
an approximative translation that does not match the most common name :
they have an history you can look at, the date indicated is the date of
last modification which is different from their first release)
The history is not on the table itself.

2015-07-15 23:03 GMT+02:00 Peter Constable <petercon at>:

> I don't see an explanation of the pale yellow or pale green shading.
> Also, re this:
> "All changes are displayed in color and italics..."
> Every row is a change record, yet not every row (in fact no row) is
> entirely coloured and in italics. If what is meant is "All changed values
> are displayed in color and italics...", then that is still not the case:
> there are lots of coloured cells that do not have italics text.
> To me, it's all rather unclear.
> Peter
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> Yes, and this usage is explained on the page (as it has been since 2006).
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> > Is there a significance to the colours in the table?
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> > Peter
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