Precomposed Cyrillic letters

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Thu Jul 9 16:59:29 CDT 2015

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Markus Scherer < at> wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 8:53 AM, Doug Ewell <doug at> wrote:
> >  From,
> > "Addition of two letters from Montenegrin language, CYRILLIC
> > script":
> >
> > > 9. Can any of the proposed characters be encoded using a composed
> > > character sequence of either existing characters or other proposed
> > > characters?
> > > No
> >
> > Saying it doesn't make it so:

Is there a requirement to answer those questions truthfully?

> Right, although I doubt that the proposers monitor this mailing
> list...
> In case an interested party is listening: If sr-ME needs different
> locale data than sr, then one could contribute such data to CLDR
> <>.
> See the current state:

Presumably is the
most relevant page for someone with credibility.  However, as
Montenegro has an army and a navy, you have the wrong locale.  It's
still waiting for a language code.  See the language family panels
at and for the extreme

But in short, yes we need the extra Cyrillic letters с́ and з́  and
Latin letters ś and ź for the exemplar characters in sr_Cyrl_ME and
sr_Latn_ME (or should that be sr_ME?).  I can't work out the status of
Montenegrin Latin {sj} and {zj}.


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