Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode

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Tue Jul 7 11:29:29 CDT 2015

Thanks Doug. That's very helpful.

On Tue, 7 Jul 2015 at 17:07 Doug Ewell <doug at> wrote:

> Disclaimer: These are only suggestions. I've never submitted a character
> proposal. You should prefer the advice of people who have, or of UTC
> members who evaluate proposals.
> Noah Slater <nslater at tumbolia dot org> wrote:
> > Previously in this thread, it was suggested that I make a formal
> > proposal to the UTC. I have held back from doing this because it's not
> > at all clear what implementation I should be proposing, or whether I
> > can propose something WITHOUT an implementation. (Some advise there
> > would be handy!)
> If by "implementation" you mean a suggestion for how Unicode should
> encode this flag (single character, extension to the PRI #299 mechanism
> similar to what Ken proposed, or something else), it might be a good
> idea to summarize the options and choose at least one "preferred"
> option.
> > Should I trust that the UTC will be aware of the informal proposal of
> > the rainbow flag when they meet to discuss PRI #299, or should I do
> > something to properly bring it to their attention?
> As Mark Davis wrote [1], this list is not a venue for formally proposing
> anything, and it's not safe to assume that UTC members have read this
> list and have any background. If you want to state something, make sure
> you state it in the proposal. You can quote and paraphrase list
> discussions, but don't just insert links to the list archive.
> [1]
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