Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Jul 4 12:13:21 CDT 2015

Ken Whistler <kenwhistler at att dot net> wrote:

> But the current RIS pair mechanism for representing flag pictographs
> for countries is already "workable" -- it works and is widely deployed
> and widely used -- without having guarantees that some particular
> country may not decide tomorrow to change its official flag and hence
> result in some particular pictographic display being obsolete in some
> sense, for example.

Which brings up a counterpoint to gfb hjjhjh's earlier point:

Suppose a Twitter user wants to use "the emoticon with country X's flag 
on it to show support for its current government," then the government 
is overthrown by an enemy which KEEPS the existing flag, forcing the 
government-in-exile to adopt a different flag? Now, the user who put the 
existing flag in her tweets appears to be showing support for the enemy.

This is what happened in France during World War II, except of course 
for the emoticon and Twitter and that.

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