Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode (Fwd: Representing Additional Types of Flags)

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As I read, should those flag be versioned when being use?As the curremt
implementation sound like those flag would change all over the time, and if
people using the emoticon with country X's flag on it to show support for
its current government, once the government have been overthrown and the
overthrown is internationally recongized with new flags and thus being
accepted, then what appear on one's timeline of their social media would
have their meaning shifted to the opposing side of their original intention
by simply updating their device, and for those who haven't update their
device they would see same effect from message written by those who have
already updated their devices. a potential way to do it might be adding RIS
for number and then append those numbers after alphabetical RIS to show
year of start while retaining the unnumbered alphabetical RIS as they are
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> Noah Slater wrote:
>  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like Philippe's core argument is
>> that geopolitical entities and flags (as a specific instances of a
>> design, in the heraldic sense) are disjoint. And that using
>> geopolitical codes to refer to these designs is inherently unstable.
> But the only alternative is to encode about 200 discrete emoji for what we
> think of as "country" flags, plus somewhere between 0 and 5000 for flags of
> what we think of as "subdivisions."
> And in the end, when users see these emoji, they will still think "Oh,
> that's the US flag" or "the French flag" or "the Japanese flag" or
> whatever. They will still associate them with geopolitical entities. That's
> the whole purpose of such flags.
> (Either that or they will associate them with languages, which is far more
> unstable than anything else being discussed here.)
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